Demo 1998 - Letras

1. Pytuna-Syk
2. Blasphemy
3. Called From The Darkness


Abá o-manô-bá
E-pûera o ini pupé o-ub
Morubixaba o-sykyîé
O-kuab abá-de o-syk

Siri ‘y-pe ugûi
“A-epîak Marã” –paîé o-nheèng
“A-epîak anhanga”

Siri ý-pe abá-o-syk
O-epîak akanga-‘aká
Siri ý îe-mopyrang

Abá èõ-mbûera
Ka`a kyrirí



I Spit In The Cross
I Renounce The Laws
I Don’t Say Pardon
I Say Revenge

Destroying The Christian Morals
Blasphemy In His Name
I Tear The Sacred Writings
I Am My Own Lord

I Scream Thy Name
Women Masturbates
With The Cross
I Renounce Its Morals


Called From The Darkness

In The night I Feel The Call
Of The Darkness Look For The Moon
I See Face’s Lord
That Swallows Me
Her Blood For The Sabbath

Walking For The Marked Place
Fog Of The Dead Surrounds Me
Through You Hoist Colors Them
Trough The Promised River

I Sight The Place
In The High Of The Hill
The Illustration Of The Goat
In The Sacred Stone

Encounter With The Others Ones
The Priestesses Arrive With Yours Dress Black
They Drink Wine And They Reverence The Goat
They Remove Its Clothes And The Festim Begins