Demo 2000 - Letras

1. Dark Glorious Night
2. Sorrow Of A Tormented Soul
3. Pagan Art
4. We Are The Horde Of Sathanas
5. Witche's Sabbath (Vulcano)

Dark Glorious Night

By The First Sign
We Raise Our Arms
To Hail Our Glorious Lord
Into Dark Glorious Night !!!

By The Second Sign
The Baphomet’s Throne
Shall Rise From The Pit
To Rule On Earth

Darkness, Sorrow, Pain

By The Third Sign
Darkness Take The Sky
The Sun Becomes Obsolete
In That Never Ending Night

Dark Glorious Night !!!


Sorrow Of A Tormented Soul

My Agonised Scream Of Pain
Far Away From My Lair
A Tired Body... A Soul Crying
Look At Horizon... I Don’t See Anything

Waiting Back To The Green Fields
Where My Soul Is Free...
My Kingdom Is There
I Can’t Await...

I Go To The Secret Place
Under A Full Moon Spirits Looks Me
The Reverence Starts The Fog Appear
The Red Light Now Surround Me

Bloody On The Stone
Visions Of My Lair In Front Of Me
The Fields... The Will Conduce Me
Is Time To Choose...There’s Nothing In My Life

In The Last Moment I Left My Body
Follow The Light Of Death
Conduced In The River Of Sorrow
I Go To My Land... Forever There


Pagan Art

The Hour Was Arrived
So We Raise Our Axes To The Sky
By The Name Of Our Lord
We Will Fight...

We Light The Black Candle
And It Will Illuminate Our Path
Following The Light Fog
Until The Suitable Place...
...Signed By The Master...
...Our Revenge Will Begin...

Beginning The Ritual
Cursing The Enemies
We Felt The Masters Presence...
The Circle Was Done... Satan!!!

Oh, Lord!
Come To Us!

The Candles Around The Circle
And We Begin To Call Him
His Messengers Arrive
The Festim Begins

His Instructions Are Followed
Oh Lord, Set Us Free!


We Are The Horde Of Sathanas

We Are The Dawn Worshipers,
The Beasts On Earth
And Forever Darkness Will
Be Our Dark Life

Satan’s Seed Run
In Our Black Vein
So Obey – Blindly

Darkness, Terror, Fire And Mud
Run In Our Black Fucking Veins
Satan, Lord Of The Eternal Night
Guide Us In This Path By The Hands

We Are The Horde Of Sathanas ! ! !
We Are The Horde Of Sathanas ! ! !

We Hail You In That Terrible Night
The God Of The True Black Metal
The Master Of Hatred, Hunter Of Souls
We Hail You, Oh, Mighty Lord