Demo 2002

1. Intro
2. Black Church
3. Blood, Spikes & Leather
4. Black Metal Command

Black Church

As The Moon Shine In The Sky
Seven Souls Shall Meet Him
Satan Himself Into The Church
He Kills The Priests And Rapes The Nuns

"Enter The Shadows, Let Evil Grow Inside Of you"

The Priests And The Nuns
Were Quartered Without Mercy
The Church Now Belongs To Him
Now They're Part Of Hell

"Enter The Shadows, Let Evil Grow Inside Of You...
Enter The Darkness, To Hail The One Who Lives In Hell...
The One Who Made Solitude, Emptiness, Fear And Pain
Open Your Arms, And Let Lucifer Grow Inside Of You..."


Blood, Spikes And Leather

In The Beginning Of The Ages
There Was Nothing, Only Hate
Then The Earth Became Witness
Of The Creation's Wonder

Explosions In The Air
Made Fire Meet The Stone
Rain Fall As Blood
And Made The Rise From The Ground

Blood, Spikes And Leather

The Great Forces Of Hell
With Leathered Flesh
Alcoholic Blood
Might Killer Machines

Now, We Reincarnate Its Spirit
It's Genuine Sound And Source
That Once Ruled This Earth
Guided By The Forces Of Metal

Blood, Spikes And Leather


Black Metal Command

The Touch Of Evil
Harvester And Darkness
Passing Through Generations
Dark Glory And Power

Crossing Centuries
The War Became Real
Against The Impetuous
Hypocrisy Of False Religion

Crossing Centuries
With Legions By Our Side
We Use The Metal
To Celebrate The War

Black Are Our Chains
Metal Is Our Law
Darkness Shall Reign
My Mistress Is A Whore

Black Metal Command !!!